The Games Circle is part of the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, a volunteer, non-profit organization based at MIT whose mission is to promote and strengthen the process of starting and growing innovative and technology-oriented companies by providing services and programs that educate, inform, and support the entrepreneurial community.

The MIT Enterprise Forum has multiple “Community Circles” dedicated to a variety of industries, including our Games and Entertainment Circle.

Yearly membership fees for the Forum range from $20 for students, to $85 for Bronze Tech Entrepreneurs, and up for Silver and Gold members.

* Bronze, Student & Silver members receive 1 free SIG membership; Gold members receive 2.

Our Games Circle event entry fee is typically free thanks to our generous sponsors, however we encourage all attendees to become official members of the Forum. 

In addition to Games Circle events, being a member of the Forum gives you numerous other networking opportunities. You’ll find tools you need to start a company, build your team, locate the right customers, and get funded. You get solid, experience-based answers to the complex questions you’ll encounter as an entrepreneur. Whether you’re seeking insights into new and different areas of business and technology, or just looking to connect with the right people, your involvement with the Forum is time well spent. For more information about the benefits of Forum membership click here (MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge website).

Please feel free to contact the Forum directly with any questions regarding Forum membership or to start a new membership  617-253-8240.

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