It has been an interesting fall for the New England game industry and we’ve seen the launch of a number of great locally produced games and apps. Many of these companies are affiliated with the Games SIG in some way – committee members, MIT Enterprise Forum members, or regular attendees of our events – so we want to congratulate all of them on their recent launches. Help us support local game companies by downloading some of these games and apps today!

Bare Tree Media – Hoops & YoYo LOOKIN FINE (iOS)

Turbine/ WB – The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan (PC)

Popcannibal – Girls Like Robots (Win, iOS, Android)

Part 12 Studios – World’s Fastest Drummer: The Game (iOS, Amazon, Google Play, Nook)

HitPoint Studios – Adera (Win 8)

Majesco – Legends of Loot! (iOS)