Tomorrow (October 25th) Windows 8 will go live officially and offer a new platform for game developers to reach consumers.  While game developers already have a lot of outlets to consider, the Windows 8 platform is unique in that it is a brand new landscape with consumers who will be ready to explore and find interesting products to test out their new operating system.  This allows a whole new chance for apps that otherwise might be buried or lost in the sea of apps to choose from on platforms like iOS and Android.

I recently subscribed and ported my first app (Fishtronaut: Mini Adventures) over to Windows 8 and it is now currently in the review process.   I hit a few bumps in the registration process on par with getting acclimatized to iOS publishing.  However unlike Apple, they have made great efforts to help folks get their first app launched through a program that allows developers to get 2 hours of free technical and design support here

Given the strong windows presence (seen in the char below) the Windows 8 platform will inevitably have a presence larger that anything seen in an app store, so it is an exciting opportunity for developers to reach a new audience.


The next big thing to find out is how exactly Windows 8 development translates to Windows Phone 8 in terms of scalability and development.  News on this should be coming soon.