Cambridge, MA based Harmonix as well as MTV Games and publisher Electronic Arts have announced that the widely popular ‘Rock Band’ will debut on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) on June 9, 2009. Rock Band Unplugged will be available at retail for $39.99 and the company will also release a limited edition bundle for $200 that will include the game, a piano black PSP, a 4GB Pro Duo card and a voucher to download the movie School of Rock. The game will feature 40 songs, including 9 tracks exclusive to the PSP for a limited time (songs will release at a later date as downloads for other platforms). Rock Band Unplugged will also add a wireless version of the Rock Band store that players can access through the PSP’s Wi-Fi Connection.

For more info, check out this Edge-Online interview with Greg LoPiccolo, VP of product development at Harmonix: