2K Boston, the game developer behind the highly acclaimed title BioShock, is looking to hire dozens of new employees in the areas of programming, design, art, audio, and production for an unannounced upcoming project. According to a flyer being handed out at the Game Developers Conference this week:

Something big is happening in Boston!

The original BioShock team is working on their biggest and most ambitious project yet… and they’re hiring.

2K Boston has dozens of openings in programming, design, art, audio and production.

We’re in the Boston metro area, one of America’s most historic and vibrant regions.

A great job. A great city. A great studio.

Be a part of something big. Be a part of 2K Boston.

Apply for jobs now at: Jobs@2KBoston.com

 Check out Alexander Sliwinski’s post on Joystiq.com for a bit more detail.